I’ve started reviewing AI websites that are discussed on Linkedin.

This week,  Doc Lime. What follows is my opinion.

(board game pieces, circa 1983)

Demonlord Game Chits


The AI website review guidelines state 1) to don’t initially bother to read to deep into the user guide in the first blush, try it’s intuitiveness. 1-a) Let the UI guide.  This was the focus approach here.

This website will let you load a PDF and then prompt it for details.

Pros: It is fun, it generally works.   It was able to read a small Inverter manual, and answer some technical questions.  Due to trial versioning I could not use it enough to really try its Prompt Intelligence.

Evaluation of the product segway: 
I did like how it answered for a couple of Game manuals, Runequest RPG and Demolord Board game.  For the Technical inverter manual it showed some promise, I liked it reading some tables, but not knock my socks off.  An aside, I would like to see if it can OCR a table that is an image.  Also, I felt it could not give great technical inverter answers.  I should try chatGPT itself for a comparison of general inverter knowledge, to judge this web site’s technical AI usefulness.

It was useful for the game manuals, probably because there is no need for deep background on a fantasy or fictional world.  I suppose it can just read the story, as opposed to talking smart about an inverter’s specifications to the technical background of what an inverter really is and does and is conceptually.

Cons: The free version is crazy restricted. Hard to really give it a go. Also, it totally blanked on answering anything from loading the Advanced Squad Leader rulebook.  

When I want to test drive a web site I need to be able to try multiple Prompts.  However, I found that often the website balks at a question and throws up a HTML soup, beautiful.  And the trial is restricted to how many questions you can throw at it.

The web site itself was a bit wonky, especially when it came to traversing back and forth to the library, while trail only gives you one PDF.  Had to use the browser back button.  Sometimes it would not load a PDF.

Final Words

I loved how Doom gave us a great hook to want to spend money on it, I hope this website expands its trial to show it’s value.  Right now it seems a novelty with lots of promise’ and is not strong enough to knock other paid for websites off the “ladder”.  There are other options for having a PDF AI’ed.  I look forward to trying them, and returning to DocLime in the near future.