Welcome to Ramsdale Software

Welcome to my (Mark Ramsdale) site for Ramsdale Software, through which I provide LabVIEW services.  My site also has some general interest items from my profession and other technical daliences.

I’ve been living in Austin since high school, worked in some of Austin’s small and large companies of note, and along with my wife, have raised a family here.  

I’m currently working in the gas chromatography detector industry, a long way from the chromatography strips we used in chemistry when I got my B.S. in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin.

Ramsdale Software Services

Providing LabVIEW development services, project management, and training.

My company is a one person service provider for LabVIEW development and team member training.  I also consult with other LabVIEW experts and technology professionals in order to provide my clients the expertise of a larger team without the overhead.

The projects I work on range from small updates and feature changes in existing code,  to new system applications created from software pattern templates.  My client profiles range across university labs,  instrument builders, and production testing.

Mark Ramsdale

I’ve been programming LabVIEW since I got my first CLD in 2008.   My interests in programming instruments and tools comes from my background in electronics components manufacturing and semiconductor tool (Etch) final test and customer inspections.

Programming Watlows and their ilk from their panels was always an adventure.  I recall programming a burn-in socket tester with a text based file.  Our supervisor lost the instructions, but we managed to figure out how to perform resistor and voltage testing, and set limits for pass and fail.

After a few years working with SQL and Oracle, and the configurator in the field of supply chain planning for system configurations, product structure and product modelling I took the leap into LabVIEW developing in 2007, achieving my CLD in 2008.

I provide LabVIEW services and project management for teams in technology automation.   Specifically in instrument and equipment automation for desktop controlled systems.   I have used DAQ, PXI, and VISA for my clients.